Membership info


Membership Criteria


Member selection is based on the following:


■        household income and size meet the co–op requirements

■        satisfactory credit rating and positive references;

■       understanding of co-operatives or a demonstrated attempt to learn about them;

■       understanding of Pine Ridge’s Mission Statement and Philosophy;


■        volunteer experience;


■       willingness to participate in the management and operation of the co-op;


■       will be good neighbours and good residents and who will maintain their home (inside and outside) in good condition;


■        will be a good neighbourhood ambassador for co-operatives in general and Pine Ridge in particular;

■        stable residence patterns;

■        tolerance for difference; and


■        date of application and time on the applicant list



Unfortunately, Pine Ridge has no special needs units and there are no accessible units for persons with disabilities.


Please be advised that the co-op is

a non-smoking co-operative.